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Take care of your gums - June 21, 2016

We learn from a young age how important it is to brush our teeth and keep them healthy. But caring for our gums is equally as important. As we get older, we can lose gum tissue which, besides being unattractive, can result in oral health complications such as exposure of the roots of your teeth,
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Goodbye gummy smile - June 14, 2016

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Enhance your smile! - May 16, 2016

Want a more attractive smile? Today there are many effective and cost efficient ways to make your teeth whiter, brighter and better looking!One of the most common ways to improve the look of your teeth is by whitening. While there are many whitening toothpastes available, they clean only the surface stains. There are also a
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Mind the Gap? - April 29, 2016

It’s not uncommon for adults to have gaps between their teeth, especially the upper two front teeth. While some people find those spaces charming and attractive, many of those with gaps consider them unsightly and embarrassing.If you’re ready to close the gap, there are there are relatively simple, quick and inexpensive ways your dentist can
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Dental Inlays and Onlays… They’re No Joke! - March 31, 2016

It truly can be frustrating to be laughing with friends over a good joke only to in the back of your mind be sub-consciously thinking about how everyone can see the inside of your mouth. Over time, your old gray fillings may be wearing down, eroding or even broking. What if there were a simple
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