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Tooth infections can occur when bacteria in the mouth enter deep into the tooth (dental pulp) through cavities or cracks in the hard white surface of the teeth. The bacteria cause an infection within the tooth, resulting in pain and other symptoms. If you are suffering from a tooth infection, your dentist may recommend a root canal to treat the infection and restore the health of your tooth.

What Are the Signs of a Tooth Infection?

While some people may not show signs of a tooth infection immediately, common symptoms to watch for include pain, swelling, discoloration of the gums and increased tooth sensitivity. While early signs of infection may not be visible, X-rays are necessary to detect and determine the extent of a tooth infection.

What Is the Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is a common dental procedure that is performed under a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Your dentist will make a small opening in your tooth to access the site of infection. They will remove the infected pulp (nerve) and thoroughly disinfect the area, after which they will seal it by placing an appropriate dental restoration.

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